Friday, October 20, 2006

Cinnamon Bun Heven is Heavenly

Michael Moore's The Awful Truth: Season 1: Disc 2. Disc 1 was quite amusing. I mean, come on, what can be more ironic/funny/sad/biting than a group of voicebox cigarette smokers singing Christmas carols at corporate headquarters of a big tobacco company. See video of it here. Man, I love YouTube! But the second half of the season was mostly unfunny.

The week in review:

- Brother Josh(ua) is Student of the Month. He looks thrilled, too.

-So, the new Cinnamon Bun Heaven from Bath & Body Works is correctly named.

It's way more aromatic in the shower than philosophy's cinnamon buns. As a shampoo, it's ok. But very expensive. I asked Doug smell my hair Tuesday evening and had him guess the scent cold turkey. Five long-winded, allergy-suffering sniffs later, his final answer was "uhhhh....smoky chocolate?" Apparently it's not cinnamony enough. Alternatively, I need to distance myself a little more as I walk through my work's office building entrance as to avoid the puffers.

- Monday morning at the office, the coffee ran out. I decided to make more. The act of me brewing coffee at work probably only happens once per month. I figured someone would walk in there expecting the pot to be empty and be plesantly surprised to find a fresh pot. Except...I forgot to add water. Doh!

- I bought some beano Monday with high hopes of offending less often in the future. One entire can of Ranch Style Beans and enough wind to keep my kite afloat, I'm willing to say beano blows. At least with this particular food.

- I went to the high school football game last night (because I'm "forced" to keep my mom company in the stands) and wore my red "dork cap" for most of the evening. I walked up to my father and brother along the fence. I remained silent. Standard for my childhood (and adult) history, I attempted to put my cold nose on my dad's neck. This isn't the first time I have stuck my cold nose on him. In public. But this time he backed away with a terrified look on his face. I said, "what? whaddid I do?" He looked me straight in the eye and said, "Oh,. it's Rachel." I think the dork cap needs to be renamed to something like "the face eraser".


Mags said...

Um...what is with the bizarre photoshopping of the students of the month on to--what are they--patriotic backgrounds?

Rachel said...

Apparently being a student of the month means you are a very good American?

Amanda Z said...

I also adore Cinnamon Bun Heaven. It smells so good in the shower AND my hair still smells like it much later in the day.

It's on my beginner list of Things I Want for Christmas.