Monday, October 16, 2006

D's Silver Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday to Doug!

It looks like I went totally overboard with the gifts:

But it's quite deceptive.

I went to the mall tonight and purchased what will hopefully be heaven in a plastic bottle:

While at the mall I ran into a person I never ever ever wanted to see again in my entire life. Amazingly, I didn't puke and we actually had a semi-decent conversation. At least it was decent and cordial enough for two people who have been in a real fight. I might add she pretty much had to be nice to me because she was behind the counter and their were witnesses. So many frightful memories for what was "supposed" to be my best semester at college.


giselle said...

Teehee... Doug is younger than us!!! Hahah..

wait a minute. That means you and I are almost 26. ARGH!!! When did we hit middle age????

Kelly said...

I'm still trying to picture you in a fight. Not that you're a wimp or anything, but it's not coming to me.

Rachel said...


I'm not sure I've ever been in a "real" fight. This woman barely backhanded me across the face and then there was the time I was hit by an ex. And yes, that was THE last straw. And I'm sure I hit kids when I was younger. Actually, I was more of a biter under the age of 10, but who counts those "fights", right?

I'm pretty sure if I were in a real fight today my hand would get broken. But I do have more upper body strength now than I ever have before. Perhaps I should go take some fightin' classes.

giselle said...

Rachel - you are the least violent person I can think of! Noway you'd ever be in a fist fight!!

Amanda Z said...

NO FAIR, No one had the 16 oz. bottle when I was there! I had to buy the 3-pack with Pumpkin Pie Paradise and Spicee Apple SomethingOrOther