Friday, October 13, 2006

The Lease Release

A Prairie Home Companion (2006) = 7/10. A little on the bizarre side. But I laughed a lot at the corny jokes.

I have said for a time that I do not particularly like drama in my life. Yet somehow drama seems to occasionally find me despite the fact I was doing nothing wrong. I'm sure that's the story of everyone's life. Anyway...

One balmy evening in June 2006, I sat in bed completing a Sudoku puzzle when I had a thought: If I moved into this apartment June 2004 and signed a 13 month lease and then another 13 month lease, that means my lease should be coming up pretty soon. I hope they don't raise my rent.

Fast forward October 7th. I needed to put some of my pay stubs into their special spot. And while I was putting those away, it occured to me that my lease agreement was also in the same spot. Let's see...Shelby vet visits, car insurance information, college diploma...I should frame and hang that up some time, here we are, lease agreement. Addendum to lease...

What I read nearly made me puke (until I realized it wasn't as bad as it sounded. At least I'm hoping).

What???? My lease was up August 31st!?!?!?!?!?!

There was no notice ever placed on my door, no phone call, nothing. I paid rent and my portion of the utilities for the month of September and October. Nothing was said. My immediate fear was the thought of coming home from work one day to find all of my personal possessions on the front lawn. Then others told me, "No way, that can't happen. They have to have a forcible entry & detainer and that gets posted straight to your door and you would have [15/30/45/60] days notice."

I know what you're thinking: Gosh, Rachel, why don't you just tell the leasing office that they made a mistake? That's a thought. Except that it's not at all my responsibility. Furthermore, I have a feeling my rent is likely to go up $30. In the very least, my rent won't go down any. Why bother?

It's all quite comical to me. It will be much more so if this continues to go on for more than six months.

I can't be considered a squatter. But there has to be a term for this situation.

In other news, Christmas gifts are already trickling in to the quasi-squatted apartment:

You have no idea how badly I want to take these out and built something. Darn protective plastic bags on the inside.


Mags said...

No worries. You're fine. After most year-long/six-month leases are up, they tend to go month-to-month. Does it not mention this anywhere? Anyway, evicting a tenant is incredibly difficult, expensive for landlords--not to mention time-consuming. And they'd much rather keep a nice tenant who pays her rent on time. If they realize their snafu, they'll give you a call, but until they ask you to sign a new lease, you don't need to say a word. Keep your rent where it is.

Rachel said...

No, there isn't anything on there that says something like "after the lease is this rate." That information was always on the sheet that they stuck to my door.

Meg said...

Okay, here's a note from someone who's lived in two separate but equal luxury apartments in Tulsa. There is no month-to-month...just doesn't happen. However, they make mistakes. I got a notice that I hadn't paid rent one month, but I thought I had paid the whole lease up front. Turns out, they accidently made my lease for seven months. They gave me time to get the money together, and all was good. It was an error on their part, not mine. Anyway, it's funny to watch them shuffle about, trying to make sense of their major error, knowing that they will be getting a major chewing out later on...have fun while you can!

Amanda Z said...

My lease was up in October 2005. I never went in to sign another one because I signed something when I moved in that said if I DIDN'T give them 30 days written notice before the end of my lease that I'd be leaving, the lease would be automatically renewed.

Fast-forward to October 2006, when Aaron stops by to pay our rent. They must have realized that we were still paying "old" rates, because they said something to him about renewing. Not 2 days later, I had a notice on my door that my lease could be renewed at a $40/month increase... OR I could go month-to-month (yes, itt DOES exist) at an increase of $115/month.

So, my solution-- SIT ON IT as long as you can. I got a hell of a lot more time on my original rent payment by keeping my mouth shut for the last year. Too bad they finally figured it out.