Sunday, October 22, 2006

Doug's birthday dinners are a joke

I've decided that Doug's birthday dinners will probably always be the culmination of bad timing:

-Last year I wanted to take him to Pomodori's for his birthday dinner. I wanted to see a menu before we went, so the day before the dinner was to occur I called the restaurant. No answer. The day "of" the dinner I called Pomodori's all day long. No answer. [Hmm...maybe they open at 5:00?] 5:45 I call the restaurant. They answer! And they were closed that night for a special function. Boo!

-This year I suggested that we eat at Embers Steakhouse because he's wanted to go there since practically date one. I'm glad I did the reseach one this one because, as it turns out, Embers closed two to six months ago.

Instead Doug chose to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, White Lion Pub. To my knowledge, it's the only place in Tulsa where one can get English food (Patty's and Kilkenny's do not count--they're Irish). This time he opted to get the cheese and cracker appetizer. (He's been into cheeses lately.) What a brilliant idea that was! It led to our discovery of what may be the best cheese ever:

Sage Derby Cheese

Wait, Derby? Hopefully there aren't pieces of hat or horse in the cheese.

And in case you're wondering what he got for his birthday, I've been slightly unlazy and have started uploading more photos on my Flickr account. And add note. And geotags. See his gifts here. The whole account is still a mess and you've seen 99% of the pictures as they are all from the blog right now. Eventually I'll get more up.


BKDotCom said...

Margaret`s German Restaurant in the Farm. And I'm pretty sure there's a German restaurant on Harvard somewhere.

Rachel said...

You are probably thinking of St. Michael's Alley?

I'm a little confused about why these two German restaurants are considered English food. Last time I checked, both England and Germany were different states.

giselle said...

I loved the cheese plate, but the green cheese wasn't my fave. Although still good. You and Doug should come over for some cheese fondue. Nathan and I are going to try to make some and if it's good, you guys will have to come and try it! :)

BTW - you and Doug's love of cheese is yet another reason why you have to try the melting pot!

Rachel said...

You and I have quite different tastes in many foods, Giselle. Coming over for dondue might be a problem due to Doug's horrid cat allergies. One time you sat in my car and two days later it really did a number on him. I can't imagine what it would be like if we were actually in your apartment for a few hours. I'll do fondue, though!

Amanda Z said...

Thank you for finally verifying that Embers is, indeed, closed. For a restaurant that has so many positive comments made about it (to which I always answer "Didn't they close down?"), it sure did close fast.

I wanted the Melting Pot for my birthday but Aaron decreed it far too expensive.

giselle said...

I still say the Melting Pot is not that expensive. If you join their club they'll email you a free dessert coupon. So for cheese fondue, salad, and entree for two people it's $54 plus tax. And you have a free dessert! (Normally like $14 if you pay for it.) Most restaurants you go to you end up spending almost $50 for two people, so just skip one time and go to the Melting Pot the next time. It's almost like saving money. ;)

Rachel said...

Join their club? Do you mean the Fondue Club? Because I never get free desserts from that.

I still don't understand how you generally spend $50 at "most restaurants." Although I only foot the food bill about 10% of the time, I think Doug and I have spent >$50 on a meal on maybe 5 occasions. And we dine out often.

Then again, I never order appetizers because I already can't finish entrees and Doug seems to only order appetizers at Mexican restaurants (queso) or if we're at a new genre of cuisine (e.g., Indian/English). We also never drink. I suppose I could see how it's possible to spend $50 on most occasions if those two things are in place.