Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just in time for the holidays (The Irony TV)

Dawson's Creek: Season 5: Disc 1 (2001). Can't believe they killed him off. So shocked. And slightly upset because my brother Joshua told me before I had a chance to watch it. I'm officially ready to get this series over with.

Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached (2006) = 7.5/10. I really wish I had the forethought to get this man's autograph when I saw him perform in Houston at The Improv. Still funny stuff, but it all kinda sounds the same once you hear it once.

Growing up Mommy and Daddy (mainly Daddy) taught me to never be a damsel in distress. And for the most part, I never am. But there is that one minor area. Observe:

Ghetto TV

Fix it...just fiiiiiiiix IT! Well, what's wrong with it, Rachel? I don't know, but fiiiiiiiix iiiiit. Actually, that's a tad on the dramatic side. Please just slap me if I actually become that whiny.

Everything was fine and dandy when Doug and I watched a DVD last night. As soon as he left, I popped in my Dawson's Creek DVD (and therein may lie the issue) only to find the screen looked like it had been shoved down about an inch. [Whatever. It'll be gone tomorrow.] Yeah well, it's not. After consulting six men, no one can tell me what's wrong with my TV over the phone. But it's none too promising. Four of the men, however, asked if I had tried hitting the TV yet. Why is that always the answer for men?

What a crappy time to be very frugal and probably have to buy a TV. If I get something cheap, I'll just have to buy an HD in two years.

Here comes the irony:

I've been to all the major electronic stores about 5 times each with Doug over the past few months. He's going to buy a big fancy something or another TV. He's explained to me the differences between LCD, DLP, and plasma many times over. Each time, I go glossy-eyed in about 4 seconds flat. Much like when Daddy talks cell phone to me. And apparently I need to learn higher standards for TV. Right now, all I care about is:

*Is the TV color?
*Will Reese Witherspoon's head be at least 1/32 the size of mine?

Yes. Yes. Cool. Then, that one.

Thus, although Doug is the one buying the fancy TV, Rachel might be the one who actually needs a TV.

Another crappy thing- no males will be in my apartment before Saturday. So glad I have Power DVD.


Amanda Z said...

So, is that black bar there at the top when you watch regular TV, too, or just when it's a DVD?

BTW, my word verification for this comment is "lcdhwy". As in, your TV may be broken, time to jump on the LCD HWY! Har har har.

Rachel said...

Even if you're just made LCD HWY up, that's still really funny!

The black bar is there when I switch over to my satellite. I umm...uhh...have no idea how to put it on "regular" TV. I know, I know. Don't laugh/judge/pity. Doug is bringing over some rabbit ears Saturday. I either don't have any or they're lost in the depths of Rachel apartment.