Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wrong Color

Art School Confidential (2006) = 3/10. I've just never "understood" artsy people. Or at least what I perceive as the flakiness many art people I've met seem to have. Then again, Doug isn't flakey and I suppose I have to lump musical instrument playing abilities into the pot of "art." However, if I do that then technically I might be considered artsy since I took piano lessons for like 8 years. Holy moly! Maybe I'm a flake and don't even know it! Oh yeah, back to the movie: it was pretty boring. There is a flailing penis scene a nekkid girl scene. And like always, the guy is not so great looking but the girl is.

Back in April, I talked about the FedEx man who always catches me eating. (See post here.) He came into the office today and, shocker, I was eating lunch. A whole tub of roasted garlic hummus slathered over two loaves of whole wheat pita bread. Seems like a reasonable lunch, even though it's quite odd to many.

So, FedEx guy leans over the bar a tad and asks, "Hey, wha is that chu eatin' there?"

Me: [flashing my sheepish, "don't judge me" smile] Hummus on pita.

FedEx: HUMMUS? Girl, you ain't the right color to be eatin' that.

Unable to come up with something quick (as usual), I simply opened my mouth and said, "Well, I think it's fantastic tasting."

By that reasoning, I should only be eating things like potatoes and bratwursts due to my Irish/German heritage. Incidentally, I love potatoes in practically every form (save salad) and my dad grills bratwursts about six times per year or so.

Perhaps I should have suggested he only eat chitlins and collard greens? (Cue the animation of the boy saying "That's racist!")
And speaking of hummus and pita bread, The Great Beano Experiment II sucked. 5 beanos right before eating (more than the required amount) + a whole tub of hummus + two loaves of whole wheat pita = unpleasant wind. Although possibly not as much. I'm still not buying into this supplement.


giselle said...

I love hummus. Too bad your beano didn't work. Worth a shot, I suppose. :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's racism as much as it is stereotyping.

Rachel said...

Whatever it was, I enjoyed my hummus a lot less after he said it.

WTF? said...

I highly recommend you try Papaya Enzymes. You can get them at any health food store for sure. Get the chewable kind.
I love beans, hummus, etc and haven't had the gas when I eat 3-4 after eating.

Kelly said...

i'm just waiting for your post about the newly single ryan phillippe


Rachel said...

WTF, thanks for the info. However, I generally FLEE from herbal supplements due to the fact that they aren't regulated. I would never have picked up beano had I realized it was a supplement. I guess I thought it was...I dunno, medicine? Methinks this girl is content to let the farts build and go.