Friday, November 17, 2006

The Ballsy Christian

The Wild (2006) = 2/10. Holy cow! It was really that awful. How in the world did Disney go from Toy Story and Lion King, movies nearly all generations enjoy (or at least they were big hits in the Harden household across our generations) to something this lame? It wasn't funny (I laughed once. Literally.), the plot wasn't original (so much like Lion King), and the characters were just meh. Say something nice...the animation is pretty and the lion roar sounds big.

Back in April 2005, I took a picture of a moose head hitch outside Woodland Hills Mall (post here):

On that day, I met up with my friend Jason whom I've literally known since birth. No, I do mean birth as he visited me when I was still in the hospital. He was a mere 6 months old. Anyway, I showed Jason the picture of the moose hitch and he said "well, that's not as bad as some I've seen [Jason lives in Ft. Smith, Arkansas]. I've seen some that have balls hanging from the hitch."


Yes, indeed:

11-15-2006 Ball Hitch B

I didn't even have to search far to find this. It was dangling from a vehicle parked outside my office. Thus, presumably I could work near this ballsy individual. Although I didn't notice it when I took the pictures, a wider view reveals another interesting bit:

11-15-2006 Ball Hitch A

Upon mega zoom, the pink-highlighted decal is a cowboy and horse? praying at the foot of the cross. Having either the balls OR the cross decal, fine. Having both balls and the cross, not so much. But I can't really pinpoint exactly why having both makes me so uneasy.

And one more thing...

They're not even anatomically correct. Last time I took a sex ed class (which has actually never) I learned that they weren't usually even.


giselle said...

Hahaha. Creepy balls. I don't think I'd ever date someone with balls on their truck.

Rachel said...

But, to be clear, you would date someone with balls on their undercarriage, right? :)