Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Christmas/Birthday List

The parents actually need one. But...

The boyfriend claims to be clueless even though I am constantly saying things like "yeah, that would make a nice Christmas/birthday present." Items marked with * are things I KNOW I've hinted at before, Doug.

(Anything new I add will be in red. This list is in NO particular order.)

- A cheap food processor/chopper. Like this one. Or this. I dunno. What I do know is that I feel quite barbaric using a platic bag and hammer to chop pecans for this recipe.

-Any shade of Stila eyeshadow. See here and here. Shades vary slightly on each site.*

-Ear bags or ear warmers similar to these. Or these. A dark color so that they don't look dirty. What I don't want is something like this. My ear is either too long or too fat and so there's always a part that sticks out and gets cold. Furthermore, they don't provide that much warmth and I usually feel the wind blowing through them. I saw some Earbags at Academy.

-A jewelery box. One that I can hang stuff on and has a place for earrings.*

-A new projection clock. Not THAT one, mind you. They can be found at Target for like $15. The LCD lights on my mine have slowly been dying over the past few years. So now, when it's 3:16 am and I open my eyes and try to see what time it is, I have no clue. Is that 2? 5? Too tired...meh.. [roll over and back to sleep I go]*

- Perfume/spray-on smell good stuff that you think will smell good on me. That doesn't come from Bath & Body Works.*

- Old Navy Yoga pants. Size Medium.

-Two small or medium palettes.

-Some microwavable foot warmer thingies like these.

-A really soft throw blanket. Solid color. Or more specifically, one that lacks a stupid design.*

-A deep tissue massage performed by a registered massage therapist. Preferably a male. Yes, a male. What? They have bigger and stronger hands.*****

-A camera bag for my digital camera. I have a Canon PowerShot A80.*

-A National Geographic Genographic Project Kit. World's biggest nerd, I know.

I can always use:

-Netflix gift subscription
-Blockbuster online gift subscription
-Blockbuster gift cards (although if you're going to go this route, the online subscriptions are a better deal)
For my information (so I don't forget)- With my Christmas bonus money this year, I'm getting:

-An 80GB iPod, mainly for storage so that when my computer crashes next time I won't freak out. And because I figure it's time for me to get one since the trend has been around for a few years. I'm always the last to get stuff.

-Flannel sheets. Because I'm curious.

-A new comforter/duvet/quilt/something to cover the top because mine is slightly falling apart even though I actually didn't buy a cheap one.


Meg said...

My aunt in Alaska totally did the genographic thing about two months ago. It only traces back the maternal side (if you're a woman), and paternal (if you're a man). So, you'll need one of your brothers or your dad to do the paternal side of it. My aunt's results: apparently we were ashkanazi jews. WHO KNEW?!?! So, I'm over 600 years ago!

Rachel said...

Actually Meghan, your mother called my mommy a while back and told her about the genographic project because she knew my mom used to be really into geneology stuff. My mom talked to me and asked me what it was. I looked into it and found it to be a really cool thing. So now I want one.