Saturday, November 25, 2006

Help, I need a plastic sack now!

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2005) = 2/10. It was SO boring, but the preview I saw made it look full of suspense. Plus, it's one of those movies where the people wear corsets that shove the boobies up really high. And usually that means I'll like the movie.

You, Me and Dupree (2006) = 7/10. This is just my type of movie. I've lost a lot of respect for Kate Hudson the last few months, but she still remains one of my favorite actresses.

My Thanksgiving was normal this year. I had Thanksgiving breakfast at Doug's parent's and then we went to my grandparents' for lunch. We were so stuffed from breakfast that neither of us ate too much at lunch. Thus, this became the first Thanksgiving I ate zero turkey.

I did manage to find an oddity for y'all, though.

In case of a plastic bag emergency...

11-23-2006 Plastic Trash Sacks A

11-23-2006 Plastic Trash Sacks B

11-23-2006 Plastic Trash Sacks C

my grandmother's got it covered.

I just can't imagine a scenario where I would actually need 500 plastic bags.


giselle said...

What if a tornado was coming and you had to put all your belongings in easy-to-carry bags and transport them.. uhm.. elsewhere? I bet the 500 bags would be handy then.

Rachel said...

You're right. I would need 500 baggies for that. And we do live in tornado alley. But...that is indeed a plastic bag emergency!

I thought about it and the best plastic bag emergency I could think of was if there was a power outage (perhaps caused by a tornado even) and the neighbors/grocery store gave me 2000 pounds of meat to grill. Other than these two, not much else.

giselle said...

Hahaha :) We're silly.

CN2K said...

I can.....
(apologies in advance...i tried to resist answering, but here goes...)

(in your best redneck voice:)

....but, wha if youall got 500 kitties that need a good throwin' in the river?

Rachel said...


My uncle is OBVIOUSLY not from around here. First of all, it's NOT youall, it's y'all. Secondly, any good redneck would never ever throw a kit in the river...without first making sure that there is a brick in the bag.

Goin' to hell...