Monday, December 04, 2006

Rachel is not a candidate for Best Week Ever this week

Scoop (2006) = 8/10. Judging by the lower rating on IMDB and comments from my Netflix friends, apparently I am the only one who loved this movie. Biting sarcasm and quick quips are nearly always a big hit with me; Woody Allen's movies seem to lack neither.

Dawson's Creek: Season 6: Disc 1 (2002). I cannot even imagine how humiliated I would be if I accidentally sent a very personal email to an entire college campus.

Sommersturm (Summer Storm) (2004) = 7/10. Nothing can describe the weird feeling I experienced during the scene where one of the homophobic straight boys had to go over to the gay kids' camp (aptly named the Queerschlag) for a cooking utensil or spice (or something). The music playing in the background while the boy cautiously walked to the camp was Mahna Mahna. My third favorite muppet song now has a much more mature memory attached to it, replacing the memory of this song which included me sitting in front of the TV as a young girl eating hard-boiled eggs and sausage patties.

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I am so so sad. I had what I was going to buy Doug for Christmas all planned out, including a cutesy/corny little goose chase, only to find out that his mother has already purchased the same thing.


NOW I have to find something he wants but it just won't be as good. He's extremely hard to buy gifts for! Since he has a fair amount of disposable income, anything he wants under like $200 can be an impulse purchase. This leaves little for the girlfriend, on a definite budget, to buy. I have a few ideas, but plan B is just that.
I thought I lost a company credit card today at Target. I was at the checkout and the woman was 75% finished scanning the $300 worth of office/Christmas supplies when I discovered the card missing from my purse. And pockets. And coat. Fortunately, it was in an impossible crack between the center console and the front seat. Unfortunately, I had already made the call to my boss to tell him I lost his card. I had to have the cashier "suspend" my stuff while I went on a wild goose chase searching for the card. I didn't find the card until I was ready to leave (I ended up paying with my personal credit card and the company will reimburse me.) I called my boss and told him I found it. I finally took a breath. Crying in the parking lot ensued. Big redneck parked across from me saw. And stared. Jerk.
I got discovered at Starbucks Saturday. Remember last year how I told you about how everytime I go to a food place where they ask for a name, I tell them something ridiculous? (See here for reference.) My usual Starbucks name is Matilda. I used that Saturday while ordering my very first gingerbread latte. But it didn't go as planned:

Barrista: Oh cool your name's Matilda? That's such a great name.

Me: Umm...well, my name is Matilda when I am at Starbucks.

Barrista: [raised eyebrow] What? So, it's not your name?

Me: No, I make up a silly name when I'm asked at places like Starbucks and Fuddruckers.

Barrista: Well, that's....interesting. [I handed the barrista my credit card.]

Me: I'm a boring gal and this is one of my only forms of entertainment. Sometimes I try to make up a really stupid name just to see if I can get a "what-in-the-world-kinda-name?" look from the order-taker.

Barrista: But why? Well, what IS your real name? [looks down at my credit card] OH...well I can understand why you'd want to change your name.


BKDotCom said...

your minimum wage starbucks gal is a moron. There's nothing wrong with your first name, or last, or the combination of.

Rachel said...

Well, thank you. I happen to like my name. I think Rachel's a little too common, but I definitely LOVE Elizabeth. My last name isn't the best because of the endless penis jokes that can be made from it, but hopefully my last name will change at some point.

Meg said...

Okay...your week sucks about as bad as mine. Oh, I did get in "Julius Caesar." But, it's dead week, and there's no such thing as dead week, unless you thought about killing yourself, and I'm there. I'm in town after my last final on the 15th. TLC girl 'bout it?

giselle said...

I think your name is fine. I like the name Elizabeth too, but I'd say it's probably more common than Rachel - no?

I've often wished I had a more common name, but I get over it. I like my name fine.

Rachel said...

According to the coolest Baby Name Wizard (which is uber-cool), Rachel is less popular now as well in the 80s.

Rachel in 1980s: 16
Rachel in 2005: 38

Elizabeth in 1980s: 9
Elizabeth in 2005: 12

As common as my names are, though, I rarely ever meet someone else with the same name. The variations of Elizabeth probably make it seem even more common.

Amanda Z said...

See, the goal there would be to STICK WITH THE LIE WHEN ASKED!!! :)

"Thanks so much, isn't it a lovely name? It was my grandmother's."