Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Party Wishes

An Inconvenient Truth (2006) = 3/10. *long sigh* Where to begin? My unchanged view first- I agree the planet is warming and that it's probably not a good thing. I believe emissions aren't a good thing. The certainty that humans are all to blame is unclear. My views weren't changed with this movie at all. It did educate me quite a bit, though. Let's begin:

1) It was really boring, 2) It's hard to listen to a politician give this speech because we're most of us don't trust them anyway; interlace him with a group of the world's leading scientists on the issue and I'll start listening (or just take out the politician altogether), 3) When graphs/statistics are thrown in my direction, please cite sources for the data. Nerds like me (for whom statistics was our favorite class in college-no kidding!) really get a thrill when we can derive the same results you got, 4) Zero to little attention was paid to the actual data/evidence that humans are the cause. If someone could convince me of that, I'd be an easy sell to...well, I'm getting there, 5) Remember when you look at all those fancy graphs that CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. But that was certainly implied over and over again. 6) Yes, I get that we're all supposed to go to the website to learn how to change our behaviors, but the movie mainly described the problems of global warming and left out how to fix the problem in realistic terms. 7) There was a lot of fluff pieces thrown in with his college lecture. And while I found it interesting Al Gore's daddy grew tobacco, the sidebar life stories distracted me. 8) Positive- there was a lot of really good information overall. I really enjoyed the explanations of why the climate change isn't good. I guess that about sums it up.

Over the Hedge (2006) = 5.5/10. I think must be getting a too old to appreciate the animated children's movie or something. But who doesn't love Wanda Sykes playing a skunk?

Tomorrow's our annual company Christmas party. I'm the official game planner for the third year in a row. Which basically means I have to stand in front of all the employees and try not to do/say something stupid. Last year went pretty well. Our giveaways are awesome this year. Here's hoping I end up with the iPod Nano and not the bottle opener.


Amanda Z said...

I did the emcee thing at my company's Christmas party.
It was a BLAST. Of course, I'd had like 3 Long Island's by the time I got hold of the mike, so I wasn't nervous but I was like standup comedy... without the racial slurs. ;)

You'll be great.

Rachel said...

Awww...thanks. I did do ok. But our company party is during work hours and is a dry event. I don't need substance to be ok in front of a crowd. :)