Monday, December 18, 2006

iPod city!

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) = 4/10. Another boring documentary. This one made me have less respect for the car industry, though.

Material Girls (2006) = 2/10. Mind-numbing, dumb plot, moderately horrible acting...just the ticket for this stressful holiday month.

My company Christmas party ended in the best way possible:

Remember back in August how I made a total "city girl" of myself for not knowing what a gelding was? (Read post here.) Well, the party started (after a fantastic catered lunch, of course) with a "special gift" for yours truly. I was presented with this:

12-18-2006 Gelding

My gelding mishap was then told to all the company employees in case they hadn't already heard. Good thing I can laugh at myself.

Dirty Santa was a bust for me, I ended up with a red Ty Birthday Beanie Baby. I promptly gave that to an employee with a small grandchild.

The three door prizes, a Canon digital camera + SD card (better quality than mine), an 8 GB iPod Nano, and a portable DVD player were still up for grabs. I had the president, VP, and past-comptroller each draw for these prizes. I was the first name drawn. I won the Canon digital camera! The guy that won the iPod has no computer at home. He does, however, have two daughters who wanted an iPod (and live in another house). In the end, he traded with me because he figured his girls might fight over the iPod. So, I won the iPod!

On the way back to the office with my boss and another co-worker, I sent my dad a text message that told him of my lucky fortune. He called me after school and said, "Well, I'm not unhappy you won the iPod, but let's just say I'm crushed." I said, "huh?" He replied, "Don't ask silly questions, it's Christmas."


Further down the road, my boss asked opinions on what to buy his wife for Christmas. Long conversation short, I sold my $250 iPod for $200. He won; I won.

I had already decided that if I received any of the $50 gift cards (and we all had about a 26% chance of getting a gift card) I would take Doug +/- family to dinner somewhere. Since I got 4 times amount the money, I just gave $50 to each brother. Merry early Christmas!

Doug and I open our Christmas present for each other tomorrow. I'm super excited. We're both thoughtful gift givers. Check out the ridiculous display of bow/tea I made him:

12-18-2006 Doug's Present

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