Thursday, April 10, 2008

But what I really want to do is SING!

Dan in Real Life (2007) = 6/10. Thanks, Geoff. You told me this movie sucked, but it didn't. But I couldn't stop thinking about how you said it sucked so it actually DID suck for me. And of course you didn't like it, you're 17!

The O.C.: Season 2: Disc 4 (2004). No more lesbian action. Boo...

The O.C.: Season 2: Disc 3 (2004). Now that there's lesbian action involved, Doug has no problem with me watching these on the big TV.

No Country for Old Men (2007) = 8.75/10. Doug and I spent a good while trying to figure this one out. And we're still really unsure about many aspects. I'm sure there's a masterpiece in there somewhere, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out. Scouring the message boards didn't help. Any movie that generates that much conversation between two people gets high marks from me.

King of the Hill: Season 1: Disc 1 (1997).

I'm not dead. I'm not. I'm just really busy with life and work and am apparently only doing well with one of my goals for the year. Watching movies. Not doing so well with the whole blogging more frequently one.

Doug and I decided that New Orleans was too big of a city to conquer for the time we had during spring break. Which was three weeks ago, I know. Instead, we ventured to Dallas for 4 nights. We shopped at the Galleria, saw my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live north of Fort Worth, walked Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum, chuckled at Medieval Times, went to the Dallas Zoo, and had the best (and most expensive) steak ever (the first time I didn't have to use A1 Sauce!) at The Butcher Shop. And we got to stay at a pretty ok hotel for $40/night. Still addicted to Priceline. Especially knowing how to work the system.

A few days after we got back:

Rachel: So what was your high from our mini-vacation? Like what did you enjoy the most?

Doug: [thinks for a moment] I really liked the trip down there and back.

Rachel: [puzzled] You mean...the...driving down there and back up here? Are you serious? You hate driving!

Doug: Sure, but we got to listen to tunes on your iPod and sing together. Just us. I like doing that.

Rachel: Well, now I feel kinda bad that my favorite thing about the trip was eating a gigantic steak and not a particular moment with you, but....singing....driving? I totally could have saved us like $600 if that's all you really wanted to do.

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Amanda Z said...

Oh hey, I wanted to tell you that I just opened up an Electric Orange checking account with ING Direct (and a savings account but I know you've already got one of those).

Did you know their checking accounts pay 1.75% interest? And of course include online billpay and the like, but you can also send a person an electronic check, sort of like sending money through Paypal.

There's pretty much no fees for anything (except weird stuff like OVERNIGHTING you a new debit card to replace a lost one or something like that).

They don't charge ATM fees on their side (though ATM owners might sometimes charge, can't prevent that) and they don't have overdraft fees. They extend you a line of overdraft credit (you pick the amount from options they give based on your credit) and if you do happen to go negative, they just "loan" you the money until you make a deposit. They charge like a 9% APR, which translates to much less than the outrageous fees banks charge when that kind of thing accidentally happens. (Sad to admit, I've gotten OD charges when I easily had the money to cover the items in my savings account...)

You may already know all this but I wanted to let you know I opened one up and have been playing with it, setting up all my bills for next month's payments and changing my payroll deposit over. I like the automatic savings plan, too. And I'm excited for my new debit card to come!

My only complaint so far is that it takes a little while (like 2 days) for transfers from your existing account to POST to the ING one. But, they make $100 of it available the business day after the deposit AND direct deposits are available immediately -- unlike BOK who recently held me and Aaron's direct deposit paychecks and made 5 items overdraw my account even though Aaron and I had BOTH been paid...

Anyway, so far I totally recommend it. Their customer service people on the phone were very nice, too.