Monday, November 14, 2005

Cirque du Crap-a

Singin' in the Rain = 8/10. I'm not sure how I managed to go nearly 25 years without seeing this movie. I thought it started out slow, but I loved the ending. And the plot. And the dancing. It is yet another movie that makes me want to learn how to dance. I'm not entirely sure tap dancing is for me, though. Doug fell asleep about an hour into it. It really is a must-see-before-you-die movie.

Weekend in review:

1. I'm not a fan of the circus. I took the mentee and her two brothers to the Carson & Barnes one Friday night. We met up with the two case managers and other mentor/mentees. Instead of thinking happy circus thoughts, my mind gravitated to:
  • WHO works at these things? What a sad life that seems to be.
  • Can't animal trainers find something more useful to do with their skills?
  • At what point in your life do you realize you can fit yourself into a box, walk on a wire, spin a plate on your head, eat fire, etc? (The answer to this is probably somewhere in the vicinity of 8 years old. At least that's when my brother Joshua figured out he could make fart noises using only his arm and chest.)
  • You know that whole Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs thing? I completely and totally buy at least the first three levels of it. It is hard to enjoy the circus (or anything) if you're hungry. Especiall if you're a kid.
  • I can't listen to a child tell me "I haven't eaten anything all day" and sit idly. But it bothers me when people expect me to remedy the situation. I'm a mentor, not a community food bank.
  • OMG! Did the adorable 4-year-old mentee just ask the Boy Scout wearing a seizure helmet from another group of people if he was going to ride a bike in the circus?
  • Am I going straight to hell for thinking that incident was funny?
  • If you can't make the commitment to see your mentee at the rate of once/week like your promised, then don't be a mentor! It kills me to see the look of "well, I guess that's one more person I can't trust." Not that I mind carting around your mentee to events AND feeing them. No really... I don't mind doing either. They're very respectful to me and I am already going to the house anyway.
2. I officially started Christmas shopping this weekend. If anyone has a clue what to buy a 24-year-old male that has a lot of discretionary income and therefore buys whatever he wants, tell me!

3. Although I like the idea of being able to lounge on my mattress while watching the TV in my living room, the sleep and esthetic logistics don't work out too well. I can't move it back by myself, though.

4. My 1st cousin Nelda married a super great guy, don't you think? Whew-break me off a piece of that! There's still hope to get rid of him as they haven't made babies together yet.

5. Speaking of babies, I will not be producing the first great-grandchild on my mom's side. That will be left up to my fabulous cousin Maggie and her husband of 11 months, Jason. They're due in April. Congrats!


Chris A said...

How about giving that person who has everything nothing... Honestly if they have it all then they dont need anything more. Thats logical, right?

If that wont due, try giving this person a fine block of cheese or a box with nothing in it but your love... google is your best friend too!

Now that I thing about it... I get almost everything that I want, but what always makes me happy is when I get expensive clothing. No, wait! A gift card for expensive clothing.

That way I can get them myself without having to take back that white tight turtle neck that makes me look gay... not that there is anything wrong with that! Just not my cup of tea.

And what is with this Verification?

Amanda Z said...

Well we can't exactly give you gift ideas here, doesn't said Mr. frequent your blog?

Aaron generally buys what he wants when he wants it, too... What I do is try to catch when he mentions something he WISHES he had bought at some point but can't find anymore... then I try to find it on ebay or elsewhere online.


Rachel said...

He does come here although I'm not sure how often. Plus, it ain't like I ain't got my email address posted. :)

ET said...

A book on diamonds would be good. I can recommend a couple. That way when he is ready to spend some of said discretionary income he will do so in a prudent manner. Or an apartment guide.